EDG3 Computing Technologies

In order to better meet your needs, we have established a set of EDG3 bylaws. These enable us to prioritize our efforts to serve you the best way we can.

We are continuously evolving, so please be sure to check back often.

EDG3 bylaws:

  • You, the customer, comes first.
  • This company is a IT Consulting and Programming Division of NM2K Research and Development.
  • We are a service-based organization, and therefore provide the best cutting-EDG3 services we can on the cutting-EDG3 hardware we provide and more.
  • We also provide products and hardware, but this is under the assumption that you will return to us for your service and consulting needs. This way we can keep our hardware prices as low as possible and the services as efficient as possible. Therefore, we offer the first 10 hours of service on our products from EDG3tek and affiliate companies at no additional charge. After that, the price for our loyal customer base is half off of the normal price. There is a referral discount, so the more business you send, the cheaper your services get.
  • We love Gamers.



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